From the initial consultation with our doctor to the lipoaspirate harvest of the sample tissue, ReGen works with highly skilled medical providers, state-of-the-art medical facilities and an on-site surgical suite to ensure the best possible result for every patient.

Consultations are done by Musculoskeletal Specialist, Dr Zaid Matti at the NZ Musculoskeletal and Regenerative Medicine Centre, 101L Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland.

The collection of the fat sample is carried out at our partner hospital Ormiston Specialist Centre in Flatbush, Auckland.

The Process:

  • A 50-60 gram fat tissue sample is taken using a simple liposuction procedure 
  • The sample is processed in our laboratory over 8 weeks. Unnecessary components are removed and the Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are expanded to hundreds of millions
  • The resulting sample is a 95% pure MSC solution called Pure Expanded Stem Cells or PESC
  • On the day of injection, blood is drawn to create a Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP serum
  • The PRP is mixed with the PESC to increase effectiveness
  • The surgeon injects the mixture into the joint under ultrasound guidance for better accuracy and healing results

As ReGen Cellular operates its own clinic and laboratory, we control our own procedures from the extraction to expansion of stem cells. We also provide long term cell storage through cryopreservation where patients can store their cells for future treatments for up to 20 years.

Once extracted, the stem cells do not age, and patients are able to be treated with their 'younger' cells.



Physiotherapy for best results 

Studies show that carefully managed joint movement exercises and correct loading signals allow the injected stem cells to integrate into the joint better. Basically, incorporating physiotherapy into the treatment plan boosts the power of the stem cells to do their repair work.

Regenerative Medicine and rehabilitation helps in restoring function and mobility to damaged body tissues.  Stem Cell Therapies represent the newer field of regenerative medicine while physiotherapy represents the rehabilitation element of this equation. Our patients may work with our Head of Physiotherapy or any of our physiotherapy partners around New Zealand.

Our results and research shows, a strong rehabilitation program will increase the effectiveness of Expanded Stem Cell Therapy and lead to a stronger recovery.



We have had great success treating a range of sports injuries from Commonwealth gymnasts to All Blacks.

The regenerative properties of those involved in sports is very high and we highly recommend researching expanded stem cell treatment as a non-surgical option allowing for faster and less painful rehab and a earlier return to training or competition.

All patients see Dr Matti for an initial assessment. The patients' history, radiology and desired outcome are discussed and a course of treatment recommended.

Expanded stem cell treatment is not suitable for everyone, and we work with patients that we believe can achieve a successful result.

Stem Cell Therapy Starts From

$18,000 NZD
Including GST

This treatment is Expanded Stem Cell Therapy which requires an adipose harvesting 6-8 weeks prior to the initial injection, allowing time for the stem cells to be separated, purified and expanded. 

Consultation with Dr Matti, Musculoskeletal Specialist to assess suitability, including a review of submitted medical records, patient history, and medication schedule.

Transport of harvested material under strict bio conditions.

Under strict laboratory conditions patients MSC's are expanded and cultured to 50 million or more Pure Expanded Stem Cells.

Adipose cell harvesting procedure (stem cell harvest).

Adipose cell harvesting procedure.

Stem Cell Injection appointment and fees.

Surgeon fees for Stem Cell Harvest.

One year of stem cell storage.

Operating theatre fees.


2.5 hours total.

45 minutes surgical procedure.

Initial consult with one of our specialists.

60 minutes post procedure recuperative time.


Follow-up from initial consultation and further discussion of your treatment plan prior to your Stem Cell Injection (1-1.5 hours).

Rehabilitation and exercise plan provided post Stem Cell Injection.

Post Stem Cell Injection follow-up phone call from Dr Matti.

Further follow-up by email at 3, 6 and 12 months.


There is a $500.00 NZD fee for a one hour initial consultation with Dr Matti, Musculoskeletal Specialist.