We are New Zealand’s most advanced stem cell company specialising in the treatment of osteoarthritis and sports injuries involving tendons and ligaments.

Pure Expanded Stem Cell Therapy involves growing a patient’s own stem cells to numbers high enough to allow the potential for joint stability and pain management.  

Our treatments use our patient’s own stem cells derived from a small amount of their stomach fat (adipose tissue), as well as platelet-rich plasma to boost the body's own healing abilities and promote tissue rejuvenation. Our proprietary protocol offers the highest concentration of stem cells available in any treatment today.

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Research has shown the larger the volume of specialist Mesenchymal cells used in treatment, the greater the potential to stabilize joint inflammation and give longevity to the joint which in turn could lessen pain and improve joint function.

Because we have our own laboratories, we are able to grow or multiply these cells to hundreds of millions within a two month period. The image to the right shows the cells at various stages of multiplication.

Once expanded, up to 100 million cells are then injected back into the joint or area of pain.

Our patient data shows the minimum quantity of cells for the best result is 50 million Mesenchymal stem cells per joint. Depending on the joint size and location, we often inject up to 100 million cells per joint. As part of our protocol we validate the quality and quantity of the cells we cultivate and inject through stem cell characterisation. This is carried out at an independent laboratory.

There are a range of stem cell treatments on the market. In New Zealand most are offered as a same-day treatment.

In same-day treatments, a maximum of 3-5 million Mesenchymal cells at best can be derived but there is no way of verifying the number or quality of them.


Pure Expanded Stem Cell Therapy is a non-invasive treatment.

For most patients there is no down time after treatment. After 12 months, 82% of our patients reported a reduction in pain and 72% of our patients were able to return to activities they were unable to do prior to treatment

At ReGen, we work with highly skilled medical providers, state-of-the-art medical facilities and an on-site surgical suite with a caring team that has unsurpassed experience in the application of stem cell therapies.

Our Stem Cell Injection Clinic is based at the NZ Musculoskeletal and Regenerative Medicine Centre, Auckland, and our Stem Cell Harvest Surgeries are done at The Ormiston Specialists Centre, a private hospital in Auckland.

Our specialty is treating those with osteoarthritis and sports injuries. This treatment is not for everyone so the medical team will ensure they work only with patients that are strong candidates for success.