Canadian scientists discovered ways to derive embryonic stem cells from early mouse embryos in 1981. The detailed study of mouse stem cells led to the discovery in 1998, of a method to derive stem cells from human embryos and grow the cells in the laboratory.

Fast forward to 2016 at the Melbourne Stem Cell Centre in Australia where the world’s first clinical trials showed that cartilage could be regrown. Sports doctor, Dr Julien Freitag and musculoskeletal physician Dr Dan Bates produced amazing results. Our protocols at Regen are based on this trial.


These were the first Australian trials involving the injection of autologous (a person’s own) expanded MSCs into their own knee joint.

The trials were conducted to the highest safety standards, in partnership with Magellan Stem Cells in Australia under the auspices of both Monash University’s Human Research Ethics Committee and LaTrobe University’s Human Research Ethics Committee.

May 2016 - Mesenchymal stem cell therapy in the treatment of osteoarthritis:

The purpose of the trial was to assess the management of OA and isolated cartilage lesions using stem cells. The research shows significant changes to pain scores across the board with up to 75% pain relief for a large percentage of the participants. This included the regrowth of cartilage and reversal of damage to the knee in one patient.

ReGen Cellular works closely with an independent Australian lab to verify the type, quality and purity of our patients' expanded cells.

ReGen is the only company with its own cell culturing laboratory and as such we follow strict protocols. We are invested with relevant government agencies in developing regulatory frameworks to ensure the industry develops both safely and ethically.


July 2018 - Korean trial into Cartilage Regeneration in Humans with Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells and Adipose Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells

February 2019 - Australian research results of the world's largest published trial on the benefits of stem-cell therapy for osteoarthritis show Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Improves Quality of Life by More Than 290%:

October 2019 - Italian published trial on Articular Cartilage Regeneration in Osteoarthritis

"The regenerative approaches for the treatment of OA are growing and showing increasing potential in terms of safety, pain relief, improved function, and neo-cartilage formation.  Regenerative medicine, by the use of cell and gene therapy and tissue engineering, has emerged as one of the most exciting areas of biotechnology, raising a plethora of hopes for researchers, clinicians, and patients. Having as its main purpose the regeneration of injured tissue and not its replacement with an external device, advances in this field may avoid treatments based on grafts and artificial prostheses."

Italian trial on cartilage regeneration for OA

March 2020 - Chinese trial comparing the efficacy of Mesenchymal stem cells from adipose (body fat) or bone marrow for knee osteoarthritis 

Nine randomized controlled trials including a total of 377 patients met the inclusion criteria. The meta-analysis showed that regeneration with BMSCs (bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells) or ADMSCs (adipose mesenchymal stem cells)  had a great application potential in the treatment of patients with knee OA, and ADMSCs tended to be superior to BMSCs according to the limited clinical evidences available.