Yoga Susie

Stem Cell Therapy Lets Susie Continue Her Yoga Dreams

Susie Lever is a passionate Lyengar yoga teacher who has been practicing since the young age of 12. MORE

jason 3

Keeping Jason Wynward's 10th World Championship dream alive with expanded stem cell treatments

Jason Wynyard – New Zealand's 9 x world woodchopper champion – believes that while wood chopping takes between just 30 - 40 seconds, it is critical that his mind is… MORE


Meet our founder Marcelle Noble & doctor Dr.Zaid Matti

During our consultations many people are always curious to know more about our Stem Cell Treatments and the people behind the practice, so in this next film we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to give an in-depth look into what ReGen is all about.



Stem Cell Therapy helps Gill Lane return to a competitive lifestyle

Gill Lane, at 68 years old, has been able to return to a life of competition wood chopping after his ReGen Cellular treatment in May 2019. MORE

ethan dick v4

Ethan’s Stem Cell Shoulder treatment is keeping his Gymnastic dreams alive

Hello and welcome to another great patient story from Regen Cellular! Recently we caught up with Ethan Dick, a professional Athlete who is part of Tri Star Gymnastics [NZ] & Recently… MORE


Owen Pomana's Life Changing Double Hip Stem Cell Treatment!

A year ago, New Zealander of the Year Medalist, Owen Pomana was a different man from the Mr. Pomana we know now. MORE


Another All Black Stem Cell Shoulder Success Story

After 4 years on the benchNot only do we treat patients with osteoarthritis here at ReGen Cellular, but we also work with athletes with difficult sports related injuries. MORE

mary 2

Stem cell treatment heals Auckland woman's torn shoulder

World first: Stem cell treatment heals Auckland woman's torn shoulder In Auckland, at 71 years old, Mary Tallon tore her right shoulder when a 4-year-old jumped from the top of a bunkbed… MORE


Mike Hosking Breakfast

Just incase you missed it, We were live on the Mike Hosking Breakfast this morning! ReGen Cellular musculoskeletal specialist Zaid Matti told Mike Yardley, Newstalk ZB, that 50 per cent of… MORE



Research has shown the larger the volume of specialist Mesenchymal cells used in treatment, the greater the potential to stabilise joint inflammation and give longevity to the joint which in… MORE