Stem cell treatment heals Auckland woman's torn shoulder

World first:
Stem cell treatment heals Auckland woman's torn shoulder

In Auckland, at 71 years old, Mary Tallon tore her right shoulder when a 4-year-old jumped from the top of a bunkbed and accidentally landed on her in April of last year. Recently we caught up with Mary to see how she was doing and had an opportunity to capture her story on film.  

In “extreme pain” and on a long waitlist for shoulder surgery that was expected to take months to recover from, Mary decided to entertain other options for relief.

Mary’s General Practitioner, after returning from a ‘cutting edge’ conference on stem cell treatment, suggested she look into the new therapy.

"My Orthopaedic Surgeon told me I would be foolish to do stem cell treatment and said there wasn't enough medical evidence and it was ridiculous,” Mary said. "But I decided to give it go if it meant potentially avoiding surgery and the rest of it.”

Above: Mary Tallon after Expand Stem Cell Therapy now able to move freely with no pain

“Repairing a detached tendon through stem cell treatment had never been done anywhere in the world before,” 

At ReGen Cellular we are the leading specialists in New Zealand to do this type of Expanded Stem Cell Therapy, having treated more than 1,500 patients and have a success rate of about 80 percent. Amongst our clientele has been All Blacks player Owen Franks, who made it back on the field in time for the Rugby World Cup following his stem cell treatment.

Above: All Blacks Player Owen Franks who has had many successful treatments at ReGen Cellular with Dr Matti 

Mary's Pure Expanded Stem Cell therapy was done by removing fat from her stomach, extracting mesenchymal stem cells from the fat and growing 100 million of these cells over the course of eight weeks.

Half of the expanded cells were injected into Mary’s shoulder and the other half are being stored at ReGen Cellular to be used if she has any further injuries.

"I couldn't believe it, within two days of the injections I was sleeping better, the pain had gone and now I'm back to swimming and gardening like I used to," Mary said to the New Zealand Herald.

Mary's first MRI showed the detached bone with a full-thickness tear of 13 millimeters with a 7 millimeter retraction. Her second MRI eight months later showed that her injury had healed fully with no signs of tearing or detachment.

ReGen Cellular helped Mary Tallon get back to doing the things she loves, and it can change your life too!


If you or a loved one is struggling with pain and mobility don’t wait and continue suffering, give us a call and let's start your stem cell treatment today.

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