Stem Cell Therapy helps Gill Lane return to a competitive lifestyle

Gill Lane, at 68 years old, has been able to return to a life of competition wood chopping after his ReGen Cellular treatment in May 2019.

Taking up the sport of wood chopping at the age of 40, Gill worked hard to become a master’s division wood chopper and world champion in timber sports. Due to the high impact and extreme intensity of the sport, with its explosive and fast movements after the three second count down, it began to take a negative toll on his body.

“I used to train seven days a week. I used to work extremely hard and I think I wore my body out quite badly,” Lane said.

The love for timber sports runs deep in the family as both his daughter and son follow in his footsteps, taking on several competitions as well. Dion Lane, his son, holds multiple world records and has been crowned champion on many occasions. Jason Wynyard, Lane’s son-in-law, also competes in the sport holding titles such as the 10 time wood chopping champion from New Zealand.

Jason Wynyard is also another ReGen Cellular success story, following a hip osteoarthritis diagnosis in 2017 and being advised by his surgeon that he would need a hip replacement. Instead, Jason turned to ReGen Cellular for his first stem cell injection in August 2018. Within just four weeks, he was back to training and the pain never returned.

After four years of shoulder pain and extremely poor sleep, Gill saw many specialists who told him his only option was shoulder replacement surgery — putting an end to competing in a sport he loved.

“That wasn’t really on the plan for me,” Gill said. “The actual specialist did say that if I did have the surgery, I won’t be able to lift much at all. I was very worried then. I thought, ‘well, how am I going to carry on with my sport.’ I thought, ‘that’s going to wreck my life, basically.’”

Gill was inspired by Jason's experience with ReGen Cellular and his journey in retaining mobility in his hip again through stem cell therapy and decided to have the treatment on his shoulder.

“When I spoke to Gil, he said he could hardly raise his arms and he was very fearful that he was never going to be able to do what he wanted to ever again,” ReGen Cellular Founder Marcelle Noble said.

After a month of relaxation and recovery following his Expanded Stem Cell injection, Gill experienced instant relief in his shoulder. After only three months it was near perfect as he went to the USA to catch up with friends on the wood chopping circuit and during the visit won a competition in his division.

There were a lot of things I just couldn’t do. Today I can do it all now and it’s even getting better. I can train again,” Gill said. “My wellbeing is great. I can really sleep now, at nights I have no pain, no pain at all. Sleeping is wonderful.”

Listen to Lane’s full story of how stem cells changed his life in the video below.

The thing that makes stem cell treatment different from surgery, is that it’s all about letting the body heal itself. Rather than cutting open and enduring invasive surgery where your recovery time is months long, Pure Expanded Stem Cell Treatment is non-invasive and has a much quicker recovery time.

We grow and inject these new Mesenchymal stem cells into the joint of interest because over time our body cannot regenerate our stem cells quick enough. The stem cells in our body work tirelessly to make sure everything is functioning properly, so when you lack sufficient stem cells it results in pain and limited movement. ReGen Cellular is able to promote tissue rejuvenation and healing through injecting these Mesenchymal Stem Cells back into your body and giving it the boost it needs to thrive.

“Stem cell treatment today, as far as I know, there’s been only good results that I know of,”

“My son-in-law for instance, one of his hips is completely back to normal through stem cells and my shoulder, I feel extremely good because of stem cells. In this case, with stem cells, it’s been the best thing that ever happened to me."

ReGen Cellular changed the game for Gill Lane, Jason Wynyard and many others, and it can change your life, too. If you or a loved one is struggling with pain and mobility don’t wait and continue suffering, give us a call and let's start your stem cell treatment today.


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