Meet our founder Marcelle Noble & doctor Dr.Zaid Matti

At ReGen Cellular, we pride ourselves on our transparency with our patients.

During our consultations many people are always curious to know more about our Stem Cell Treatments and the people behind the practice, so in this next film we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to give an in-depth look into what ReGen is all about.

Dr. Zaid Matti ( our principle doctor ) and Marcelle Noble ( Regen founder ) know the power of Stem Cell Therapy to transform lives and help slow joint degeneration, to help add more years for your joint's life. They also have experienced in first-hand, the power stem cells have in healing musculoskeletal injuries, increasing mobility, and eliminating pain.

Dr. Matti explained how in New Zealand, the ageing population faces a major problem in the rising rates of osteoarthritis. The typical treatment is almost always medication or operation, but it's based on a fifty-year-old model where people retire at sixty-five. With a life expectancy now of ninety-five years or more, the need for extending the life of our joints is vital.

Ms. Noble, Regen Cellular's founder, spoke about how when a patient goes to their G.P. for pain in their shoulder or knee, they don't realize that down the line, it can develop into a serious problem. That's why education about Stem Cell Therapy is so essential. It lets patients know there are treatment choices that don't require invasive and painful surgery. Many people are unaware of this, so they wait until it's too late and irrevocable damage is done.

Dr. Matti points out how medical advancements have helped increase life expectancy and says that this progress should extend into musculoskeletal health. You don't have to wait until a major procedure is necessary to salvage a joint!

Why shouldn't we treat musculoskeletal health the same as chronic conditions like blood pressure?

Stem Cell Therapy has been commercially available in New Zealand for six years, so there is no reason for patients to wait until the damage is too severe to intervene. Ms. Noble explains the lab's process of harnessing your stem cells. This straightforward process begins by removing specific stem cells that target the patient's injured area.

She explains how our stem cells "fall asleep" as we age and no longer provide the healing our bodies need. ReGen labs don't modify anything; they simply grow the patient’s stem cells into a larger number and reintroduce them into the injured area.

It's important to note that ReGen Cellular isn't regrowing hearts and lungs but using your own stem cells, harvested from your body fat, to provide musculoskeletal healing for your joints, tendons, injury, or arthritis.

In addition, these stem cells provide chondroprotective effect, which protects undamaged cartilage from injury in the future.

How can you know that Stem Cell Therapy works? Ms. Noble happily speaks on the long list of satisfied patients who contact her to tell her how they can enjoy activities they haven't done in years.

In fact, 92% of patients saw pain reduction after treatment, and 95% reported an increased quality of life!

Ms. Noble recommends that new patients follow these steps before receiving Stem Cell Therapy. Take time in making your decision, research Stem Cell Therapy online, call other companies and ask about their Stem Cell products, how many injections their doctor has done, and where the harvest is performed (hospital or clinic).


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At ReGen Cellular, our patient's confidence and comfort in our company and our doctors is the most important thing. We promise to continue to work hard to provide you with advancements in Stem Cell Therapy so that you can live a longer and healthier life!

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