Keeping Jason Wynward's 10th World Championship dream alive with expanded stem cell treatments

Jason Wynyard – New Zealand's 9 x world woodchopper champion – believes that while wood chopping takes between just 30 - 40 seconds, it is critical that his mind is in the right place and that he is physically prepared.

According to Jason, “Training is important for all kinds of sport, and wood chopping is no different. The downside is that there is a lot of impact on the body when using a blade and cutting wood. Years and years of that does take a toll on your body. After 9 world championships, my body has been severely impacted.”

Having suffered from various injuries throughout his career, and the agony of being sidelined for about 3 years by osteoarthritis, Jason was forced to seek out an option that wasn’t a replacement joint.

“Stem cell therapy kind of fits the bill for me. After the initial stem cell injection, all my pain went away. I have always been in agony and was surviving on pain medication to walk and do the normal day-to day activities. But, as soon as the stem cell injection went into my hips, the pain just went away, it was incredible.”

According to Dr. Zaid Matti, stem cells repair joints, tendons, and ligament.
“They go to the area of injury, reduce inflammations, and stimulate more production of natural lubricant. More like a fancy oil change. Work on the pain receptors in the joint as well, resulting in less pain and more function.”

Since the treatment with stem cells on his shoulders, Jason has bounced back really well to the point that he is lifting heavier than he ever did, pressing heavier with dumbbell, and bench pressing heavier than he has ever been able to do his whole life.

“I feel a huge amount of gratitude being able to talk about this and be in contention. It’s exciting for me to have my strength numbers as high as they are, and more importantly, live day-to-day without pain,” Jason said.

Jason’s dream has always been to win a record 10th title, and now, he is in contention to have a shot at it thanks to our stem cell therapy treatment. We believe that not everyone needs surgery, and that’s why people come in for cellular therapy. It is autologous and safe, and is a high-end therapy that we offer to patients who need it when all other therapies and treatments fail.

“I couldn’t recommend stem cells more to anyone who’s having trouble with osteoarthritis, having joint trouble, knee trouble, or hip trouble; I couldn’t recommend it more. It has helped prolong my career, got me back into contention for another championship, and it has got me out of pain. Those two factors are fantastic. I can’t recommend the process more highly.”

For a professional athlete like Jason, getting rid of pain or injuries and being able to compete at their best is paramount to them.

It’s time you gave us a call to get rid of the pain that has held you down!

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