Ethan’s Stem Cell Shoulder treatment is keeping his Gymnastic dreams alive

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Recently we caught up with Ethan Dick, a professional Athlete who is part of Tri Star Gymnastics [NZ] & Recently Awarded Penn State Team [USA]. This story / video covers his shoulder dislocation Stem Cell treatment that allowed him to continue his Athletic Career due to his fast recovery time on his injury.


When Ethan found out that the dislocation of his shoulder would mean surgery & the end of his sporting profession in gymnastics he opted for Expanded Stem Cell Therapy.

Listening to both Ethan and his mother in our next instalment shows how injuries can be life-changing for anyone not just a young athlete. You can't help but understand the words that Ethan's says when thinking of your own injuries 'it will be fine, but down the line, things were just not getting any better'.

Surgeons were quick to suggest ways to help Ethan in his recovery, however the thought of over a year of rehabilitation, which was just too long and possibly not having the same range of movement in his shoulder was just not worth thinking about. This also meant possibly not returning to the one think Ethan loved doing. A range of emotions ran through his head of confusion and anger, as this could change his whole life.

After doing some research of their own, and seeing some great success stories, Ethan's mum reached out to Marcelle our Director of Patient Care who couldn't wait to be able to help and see Ethan's dreams come true.

Marcelle knew that at Ethan's young age his cells would be extremely viable, and this is proven in worldwide research, that the earlier you can access your own stem cells and start the growth process the more potential your cells have.

In essence, the earlier you harvest your stem cells, the more effective they will actually be when you need them, even if that is up to 20 years later, as they stay the same age as they were when harvest originally! This is something both Dr Matti, our Musculoskeletal Specialist strongly agrees with as well.

As Andrew French discusses in the video below: Mesenchymal Stem Cells have been found to have qualities that allow them to build connective and bone tissue, and also are able to provide support to the very cells that help produce our blood and immune systems.

MSCs have also been shown to accelerate the healing process for injured tissue, which we have seen not only in Ethan, but several other sportsmen who we have had the privilege of working with over the years.

Within months Ethan had a full recovery and was back to his routine training and competition level once more, and in fact placing 5th against the best in the world, which is higher, in his preferred apparatus of the floor, than he had done previously.

As Ethan's mum says 'at a time when athletes are worried about putting things into their bodies that are deemed illegal, this is non of that'. Here at ReGen we use your own cells to treat you, it is just your body healing itself and reducing your pain. And a year on Ethan is still feeling that improvement in his shoulder as it gets better and better and his gymnastics performances go from strength to strength.

Recently Ethan has been accepted to Penn State University to continue his athletic career - so big congratulations from us here at Regen Cellular. We are so proud to support all NZ athletes, and love watching their careers flourish in years to come after Expanded Stem Cell Therapy.

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The Regen Team


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